Well, let’s see... I am an enthusiastic Photographer, Graphic Artist and Marketing Specialist, all in an equal manner, to make the long story.. short! 

I absolutely Love Love Love what I do, and I do it passionately and with care. Very often people tell me I have an artistic eye for things that I’m grateful for and consider it a gift. Just like anyone else, I too have a life story with ups and downs, which some say it’s exciting – they might be right… 

Nonetheless, my creative mind started showing its real colors when I was very young. However, it took me a few good years up the road to realize what my real calling was. Photography is my “Super-passion”, as I call it - working with people and developing life-lasting relationships through creativity is one of the things I cherish the most in my work. Everything else is additional.

Ambitious, Dedicated, Dependable = 3 Words that in short describe who I am!

So one day, I put all my creative sparks to work and became a designer, combining both the graphic design and the photography into something that I call… Exciting!

     ....and what my Photography Vision is…

Photography for me is more of a journey than anything. My focus is creating non-traditional, organic, story-telling images that preserve memorable moments in an artful manner. My style is open minded and involves mainly emotion and human connection, two things that are the inspiration behind most of my images. But I also love all the other puzzle pieces that complete my life: texture, light, fun, people, nature, art, the world, traveling, adventure, reading, teaching, music, and more importantly - my family. 

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